LLPN Animal News for March 2019

In case you missed the “mews”, here’s a recap of important animal topics from around the world in March 2019.

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World Animal Protection Organization:

March 5, 2019  Thousands of Captive Whales, Dolphins and Other Marine Mammals Still Suffering in 2019

Keeping marine mammals captive, whether captured from the wild or bred in captivity, causes immense suffering – from capture, to transport, to a lifelong existence in small barren tanks.


News on 6:

March 11, 2019  5 Warning Signs of Diabetes in Dogs and Cats

It comes as a surprise to a lot of people that cats and dogs can get diabetes. Just like humans, dogs and cats (and all mammals) produce insulin in the body to manage glucose in the bloodstream, so these species can all develop diabetes when something goes wrong.



March 12, 2019  These 5 Animals are Being Consumed into Extinction

Currently, we are in the middle of mass extinction that rivals the wiping out of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. But this time, it isn’t a giant meteorite doing all the damage — it’s humans.


NWI Times:

March 15, 2019  Veterinarian Offers Chiropractic Care to Keep Dogs and Cats Hopping

Pets often have similar health issues as humans. Injuries or strains to muscles or joints can cause discomfort and prevent them from being as mobile as they should be.  Humans with such problems often see a chiropractor for relief. Pets can do so, too.


K5 News:

March 18, 2019  Scientists Map Migration Routes Used by Wildlife to Adapt to Climate Change

BUCKLEY, Wash. — Animals use riparian corridors, the land surrounding rivers and streams, as natural migration routes.

study led by the University of Washington mapped these corridors in the Northwest and identified which will be the most important for animals trying to navigate the changing climate.



March 18, 2019  How Advanced Technology Can Help Save Wildlife, And The Companies Behind Them

An estimate in the 2018 Living Planet Report by the WWF International suggests that the global population of vertebrate animals has fallen by almost 60% since 1970 (1970-2014).



March 19, 2019  88 Pounds of Plastic Were Found Inside a Dead Whale in the Philippines

The 1,100-pound whale, found Saturday in the town of Mabini, had more than 40 pounds of plastic bags inside its stomach. D’Bone Collector Museum, a nonprofit organization that aims to retrieve and preserve wildlife, identified the mammal as a male curvier beaked whale in a Facebook post.


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